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12.02.09 16 Comments

This is the trailer for 44-Inch Chest, which sadly isn’t about boobs, but somehow still sounds really awesome. Says Twitch:

What happens when the writers of hard edged British gangster picture Sexy Beast tackle family drama?  You get 44 Inch Chest, a story of marital infidelity that takes a decidedly dark and nasty turn.  Ray Winstone, Ian McShane, John Hurt and Tom Wilkinson star in what must surely be one of the best acted, most incredibly sweary films to come out of the UK in years.

Jesus, I love those actors, it’s like a who’s who of badasses.  Aside from James Earl Jones or Morgan Freeman, does anyone have a cooler voice than Ray Winstone?  If Morgan Freeman is sexual chocolate, Ray Winstone is the persuasive sound of all my negative impulses.  “Oi, ‘ave anuvva drink, ya cunt.  ‘as you gone soft?  Oy fink dat mailbox wiz givin you da stink oy. You fink da bounsah wants to ‘ave a go? ‘e’s big but oy reckon ‘e’s nuffin specio.”

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No release date in the U.S. as of yet.

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