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07.03.09 28 Comments

Phew, I had to post this quick before 20 more people emailed it to me.  Anyway, apparently 50 Cent caught the video of Sexman (FilmDrunk’s official movie reviewer) calling him a media whore from a few months back, and instead of shooting him a bunch of times like he normally would, he flew him out to New York to make this internet video.  It’s… about as awkward as you might imagine.  I’m happy for Sexman getting to meet the famous people he talks about on the Internet.  That never happens to me.  The closest brush with fame I’ve had since I started this site was the time they shot an episode of Law and Order in my aparment.  That’s right, my apartment played PEDOPHILE’S APARTMENT on Law and Order, and I swear to God that’s true and not just me trying to make a cute joke, though now I sort of wish it was.

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