50 Cent looks like LL Cool J’s corpse

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05.26.10 56 Comments

Do not adjust your monitors, that’s not Photoshop.  50 Cent actually did lose almost 60 pounds for a movie role.  Apparently no one told him that in order to play a cancer patient, one need not actually contract cancer.

50 Cent lost a lot of weight for his upcoming movie “Things Fall Apart”. In the movie 50 Cent plays a football player diagnosed with cancer. [Co-starring Ray Liotta, Directed by Mario van Peebles]
He dropped from 214 pounds to an astonishing 160 with a liquid diet and three-hour-a-day treadmill walks for nine weeks. [Thisis50]

When Jay Leno saw this picture, he turned to Kevin Eubanks and said, “He might have to change his name to 36 pennies,” at which point Eubanks finally snapped and stabbed him in the heart.

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