A blind guy reviewed Scre4m

It’s always nice to hear an outsider’s perspective on things you take for granted — case in point, Tommy Edison here, the Blind Film Critic.  The poor bastard was born without the ability to appreciate the beauty of one of Lights Camera Jackson‘s Hawaiian shirts, but that doesn’t keep him from going to movies.  Edison recently took in a screening of Scream 4, which he didn’t seem to like much, which isn’t that surprising because it sucks.  You don’t need functioning eyes to hear Anthony Anderson shout “DAMN!”, unfortunately.

“This movie’s great, there are segments four or five minutes long, where no one’s saying anything, it’s just music, sound effects, screaming…  There are giant holes in this plot!  How do you have a movie where no one says a word??  One of the most difficult movies for me to follow.”

You think anyone has told him that the title is actually “Scre4m?”  That would probably blow his mind.

[via Buzzfeed]