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10.27.08 48 Comments

In the least surprising news ever, British director Phil Griffin is reportedly teaming up with Britney Spears to “re-enact her breakdown.”

A source says, “It’s the film everyone will be queuing to see. It will be dark and gritty – charting Britney’s devastating falls including her head-shaving ordeal and her traumatic custody battle for her two children.
“Let’s just say, it will not be for the faint-hearted.
“But it will also show the highs along her incredible life journey.” [Showbiz Spy]

Mark my words, this will never make it to theaters.  Know what this idea reminds me of?  The Anna Nicole biopic.  Remember that?  It was big news for a while, it was supposed to come out August 30th. No one’s heard anything about it in months.  By the time they finished the movie, no one gave a shit about Anna Nicole anymore.  In fact, you’re probably reading this going “Anna who?”  It turns out, rednecks who lose their kids aren’t that dramatic of a story.  If you want to see it happen you can probably just open your blinds.

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