Now you can own the penis sculpture from A Clockwork Orange

Before there was Maude Lebowski and her vaginal art, there was A Clockwork Orange and penis-art-as-murder-weapon (think of the symbolism, bro). And now, thanks to Japanese toy firm Medicom, you can own an almost three-feet-by-one foot piece of movie history/male anatomy, for the low low price of somewhere between $1600 and $2000. Jesus, is that thing made of gold? If I wanted to see a three foot dong, I bet I could pay Michael Fassbender half that to just show it to me.

The prop which appeared in Stanley Kubrick’s movie “A Clockwork Orange” is solidified. It is full reappearance about the object used by the engraver Herman Makkink design at the time of motion picture photography. The product made from FRP of original and allotropy material used as a prop. By an internal special feature, peculiar action shown within a play is reproducible. Size: W800xH340mm. [Amazon]

Two grand seems wildly overpriced, but if I was rich I would buy that in a heartbeat. Small price to pay to be the envy of every hipster costume and Halloween party from now until eternity. Also, if any toy/memorabilia companies are reading this, I’ve been trying to buy the giant lizard tail from Fear and Loathing for more than a f*cking decade now.

[hat tip: AV Club, BoingBoing]