A Corpse Was Dressed As Green Lantern And Propped Upright For His Wake

Nothing combines “sweet gesture” and “serial killer’s boudoir” like an elaborate wake, and Latin America does it best. Recently, a Puerto Rican man who had spent the last few weeks of his life in a Green Lantern costume was dressed in it and propped upright for his wake.

Renato Garcia, 50, passed away last week in the Rio Piedras neighborhood of San Jose, where friends and neighbors saw him wearing the costume for weeks after he found it in a bag of donated clothes, according to his sister.

Sheesh, that sentence really paints a picture, doesn’t it?

As in life, so in death, she decided. “He was always very helpful,” his sister, Milagros Garcia, told Primera Hora. “You beckoned and he was always there.”

A funeral is scheduled for Wednesday for Garcia, who suffered from respiratory issues. [NYDailyNews]

So, yeah. That’s sort of sweet, but only in the most cringe-inducing kind of way. And yet, still not nearly as cringeworthy as the New York Daily News‘ actual lede: “He’s a superhero to his family.”