A-Listers To The Rescue In James Cameron’s ‘Years Of Living Dangerously’ Trailer

Director James Cameron and producer Jerry Weintraub have teamed up to create the documentary Years of Living Dangerously for Showtime, and along with a gaggle of Hollywood’s biggest stars, they plan to reveal to the rest of us just how real and serious global warming is. Among the “correspondents” that Cameron has sent out to meet with ordinary people who are affected by the wraths of climate change on a daily basis are Arnold Schwarzenegger, Matt Damon (naturally), Harrison Ford (in a boat), Jessica Alba (nodding), Olivia Munn and Don Cheadle. George Clooney would have liked to have been there, but he was busy aiming his laser satellite at Bashar al-Assad’s butthole.

Due for release sometime in 2014 (not such an immediate issue, I guess), Years of Living Dangerously will finally put actual faces to the people being threatened and the lives and cities being ruined by unusual storms and droughts, while killing the stereotype that this is simply about polar bears and ice caps, as the trailer suggests.

I just would have liked to have been there for the pitch session…

James Cameron: “So we’ve got Schwarzenegger, Damon, Munn, Alba, Cheadle, Ford, that guy from Dexter because, you know, Showtime, the girl from Ugly Betty and Ian Somerhalder…”

Jerry Weintraub: “Ian Somerwho?”

James Cameron: “Ian Somerhalder. He’s on a vampire show. Teenage girls love him and will do whatever he tells them.”

Jerry Weintraub: “Oh okay, great. So what’s up with Alba, is she waist-up only or can we get a little full body?”

In conclusion…