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This picture is related somehow, isn’t it?

When Michael Crichton died last year, I wasn’t mature enough to avoid the obvious ER joke.  But more importantly, he left behind a book about pirates that was discovered in his files by an assistant.

HarperCollins plans to back “Pirate Latitudes,” [‘Piratitudes’ would’ve been way better -Ed.]which is set in Jamaica in 1665, with a first printing of 1 million copies.  Story revolves around plans by a notorious pirate named Hunter and the governor of Jamaica and to raid a Spanish galleon filled with treasure. […] the untitled book will be completed based on the writer’s notes. An author has not yet been hired to finish that work. [Variety]

Don’t judge me: I loved Crichton’s The Great Train Robbery, so a Crichton story about pirates actually sounds kind of awesome.  *swallows excess saliva back down* Plus, there’s no way it could be worse than Pirates of the Caribbean 3.  However, it’s not like the guy got hit by a truck one day, he was dying of cancer; if he’d wanted the book published it seems like he would’ve said something.  Oh, Variety also adds that Crichton wrote the book “before his death.”  That’s important to note. I always thought Hemingway jumped the shark right about the time he blew his brains out.

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