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The latest from the set of the A-Team movie is this fluff piece from Entertainment Tonight.  Rampage Jackson is one of the funniest, most charismatic athletes I’ve ever seen, and is always riding that line between hilarious and completely insane.  He’s basically the Tracy Morgan of MMA. I’d watch a reality show about him in a heartbeat.  But can he act?  This clip gives us a very small taste of it — once the host wearing the sensible v-neck gets through asking Brad Cooper about his diet regimen, anyway.  All Rampage says is “Damn fools!” and “Shut up, Murdock!” but it appears he’ll more or less be doing a Mr. T impression.  Anyway, gotta love Entertainment Tonight, the show for the neutered male.  Gee, I wonder what would’ve happened if they’d sent a female reporter.  I can just imagine how that would go down… (*scratches chin*) Slow zoom, DISSOLVE TO:

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