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01.08.10 15 Comments

The trailer for the Joe Carnahan-directed A-Team remake hits theaters this weekend, and The Film Stage noticed an early leak to the Edmonton Journal, so they uploaded it to vimeo.  Check it out while it lasts, as it’ll probably get tugged off faster than a Republican congressman in a cruisy rest stop. Haha, good one, Jay.

The quality sucks, but dare I say… it looks promising?  As good as a Fox-remake of a cheesy TV show could possibly be?  If nothing else, Joe Carnahan knows how to film dumb action.  Rampage Jackson as “Bad Attitude” Baracas never says he ain’t flyin on no plane, but he does punch a guy out as Brad Cooper notes, “Looks like you got a bad attitude.”

Whackety schmackedy!  Also, what’s up with Rampage stealing Chuck Liddell’s hairstyle?  Not that I’m surprised. It’s just like the blacks to co-opt white culture.  Next he’ll be slowing down and trying to rely on his “grit” and “work ethic”.

(Somethin for the ladies)

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