A tribute to Chris Klein

Senior Editor
05.19.10 6 Comments

Rob Delaney, whom you might remember as the Fake Warner Bros guy, is back with a new video, this one a tribute to Chris Klein’s Mamma Mia audition from the other day.  Delaney apparently share’s Klein’s obsession with Mandy Moore.

You know what I did?  I went out in the hall and I sent all the other actresses home.  I said ‘Go away, you ugly trolls, whose mouths make only noises like farts,” because Mandy Moore is the best!  So, uh, you’re welcome.

And that was just a small taste.  There’s more rambling where that came from.  Frankly, it’s impressive work.  He plays coked up and gay so convincingly that Andy Dick decided to get sober.  True story.

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