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10.08.09 32 Comments

The word around the campfire today is that Sony is developing a Venom movie as a Spider-Man 3 spinoff.  Venom, who was played by Topher Grace and was such an interesting part of Spider-Man 3 that I didn’t even remember it, actually died in the movie.  But that hardly matters.  As Rob Lowe’s character says in Thank You for Smoking, “So what?  That’s one line of dialog.  ‘Thank god we invented the… you know, whatever device.'”

Gary Ross [Pleasantville, Seabiscuit] is writing “Venom” as a potential directing vehicle. Ross is already writing “Spider-Man 4” for the studio.  In the comics, Venom is a gooey alien parasite that bonds with Peter Parker and later his newsroom rival, among other people, becoming one of more popular villains in “Spider-Man’s” rogue gallery.  Topher Grace portrayed the character in the 2007 movie, which ended with both the human and the alien symbiote apparently destroyed in an explosion. [Variety]

So… am I supposed to be more or less excited about this than about Spider-Man 4?  Because I gotta tell you, I’m feelin pretty shrugswardly about both of them.  And I should be the target audience.  I’m not even the kind of guy who (*air quotes*) had sex with (*air quotes*) girls in (*air quotes*) high school.

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