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07.10.09 15 Comments

At this rate my next headline will just be “PENIS PENIS VAGINA.”  Anyway, looks like Brad Pitt/Steven Soderbergh’s adaptation of Moneyball, which Sony head Amy Pascal shelved three days before it was supposed to start shooting, will be moving forward without Steven Soderbergh.  Pascal reportedly didn’t like Soderbergh’s idea to shoot documentary-style recreations of events from the non-fiction book using the real people involved.  Aaron Sorkin (your parents’ Joss Whedon) has been hired to do a re-write.

The writer has been brought on to do a draft of the baseball drama, drawing on Steve Zaillian’s earlier take. The studio wants to move forward quickly with the new iteration, with Sorkin set to turn in his version as soon as next month. [THR]

It sounded like Steven Soderbergh had an idea to try something different, rather than going the usual studio route of trying to crowbar non-fiction reporting into a conventional narrative, a lá Fast Food Nation, and it sucks that we’ll never get to see it.  But when it comes right down to it, this is still a book about baseball stats, which is right up there with Jon and Kate and American Idol on my list of things I absolutely, positively couldn’t give less of a sh-t about.

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