Steve Jobs wanted Aaron Sorkin to write a Pixar movie

Because he’s really quite something, Aaron Sorkin spoke today at an event in DC called The Hero Summit, put on by Daily Beast and Newsweek. Because I maintain a Nikki Finke-like rolodex of super spies, I had a FilmDrunkard in the crowd. It turns out Sorkin dropped some details of his Steve Jobs biopic, even though he apparently wasn’t supposed to. Meanwhile, Ashton Kutcher’s competing biopic, “jOBS” is looking more Jackie Jormp-Jomp every day, despite that brilliant title.

As for Sorkin’s version, Sorkin told the crowd that his Jobs biopic would consist of three thirty-minute scenes in real time, depicting the behind-the-scene events in the lead-up to three product launches, the Mac, the NeXT, and the iPod, eschewing the “cradle-to-grave structure” of traditional biopics. Three locations? God, I hope there’s lots of talking…

It sounds pretty fitting for a Sorkin project, though it will be interesting to see how Sorkin balances his admiration for Jobs with his utter hatred of the internet. I’m half expecting a Robert Oppenheimer-esqe scene of a regretful Jobs on his deathbed saying, “I never would’ve done what I’ve done if I’d known people were going to converse in 140 characters like a bunch of goddamned animals. God forgive me, take me away to that idealized past where people were civil, the one that exists in the minds of all Baby Boomers…” (*Newsroom intro music starts to swell*)

Meanwhile, our tipster tells us, Sorkin’s last conversation with Jobs before he died was apparently Jobs asking Sorkin to write a Pixar film, which, sadly, doesn’t sound like it will happen now that he’s gone. And to think what could’ve been. I like to imagine Wall E giving EVE a sarcasm-drenched YA THINK?! as they discuss EVE’s regrettable affair with a GO-4. EVE was weak, but it’s not her fault, that’s just how women are.