Aaron Sorkin’s Twitter Got Hacked

Senior Editor
11.23.12 9 Comments

The @AaronSorkin Twitter account you see above may not look legit, but according to THR, EntertainmentWeekly, Salon, and others, who reported him joining the site at the end of last month, it indeed belongs to the real Aaron Sorkin. The first tweet was even a picture of Sorkin holding that day’s New York Times next to a framed poster of The West Wing (below). But I’m much more convinced by the fact that he doesn’t know (or care) how to add an avatar, classic Sorkin.

That he’d joined the social network was a big deal because The Social Network took some heat on account that out of the three principles – Sorkin, David Fincher, and star Jesse Eisenberg – none actually used Facebook. But the fact that Aaron Sorkin joined Twitter, tweeted twice, then got his account hacked by some bot sending out survey links (as of about an hour ago, as of this writing), is a more perfect Aaron Sorkin parody than any Aaron Sorkin parody could ever be. Look out, spam bot, your robot hacker hideout is about to be turned into a ping pong room.

ME: Hey, Aaron Sorkin, you should probably change your Twitter password.



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