Aaron Sorkin’s Writing Process Sounds… Busey-esque

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09.20.11 11 Comments

Aaron Sorkin is the talented writer behind The Social Network and Charlie Wilson’s War (who seems juuuust this side of douchey), so when he showed up to an Emmy party with a broken nose, people were confused. Seeing as how one thing smarmy Hollywood types tend to avoid is physical confrontation. But not to fear, it turns out he just broke it while writing. Wait, what?

“I wish I could say I was in a bar fight,” Sorkin told the Ministry on Friday at the Emmy Awards’ performance nominees’ reception in West Hollywood, “but I broke my nose writing.”
Sorkin said he was working on a block of dialogue in the mirror when he accidentally head-butted himself. [LATimes]

Gary Busey once headbutted a monitor showing Looney Tunes, but only because he said he was “trying to get into character.” Anyway, for an industry veteran like Sorkin, you’d think these types of method-acting accidents would be behind him by now. It reminds me of the time Meryl Streep over exerted herself trying to master a dialect and ended up tearing a hammy, but that was early in her career. Likewise, Nic Cage has lost countless days of shooting to “wig neck.” These types of injuries are Hollywood’s dirty little secret.

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