Accompanied by Darth Vader & Storm Troopers, George Lucas's daughter beats up a 45-year-old woman

It’s not the first time we’ve covered it, so by now you should know that Amanda Lucas, Star Wars George’s 30-year-old daughter (according to legend, he pulled her fully formed out of the pouch under his chin) could probably kick your ass. My fellow San Francisco-area jiu-jitsu practitioner had her fifth fight (fifth according to Sherdog, SI says it was her fourth, not sure why the discrepancy) on Saturday night, and even though her opponent was a 45-year-old Japanese pro wrestler who hadn’t competed in MMA since 2000, Lucas weren’t on no mercy mission, and she took that bitch down with a keylock in the third round for her third straight submission victory and the DEEP open-weight women’s title. According to SI, she plans to stay in Tokyo to support teammate Jake Shields at UFC 144 this weekend when he fights Sexyama.

As for Vader and the Storm Troopers, it isn’t always easy to figure out what the hell MMA writers are trying to say, but it sounds like Amanda wasn’t too excited about it, but reluctantly agreed to help promote the 3D Star Wars re-release in Japan. I guess that made her the heel in the fight.

“I’m not walking out with Darth Vader,” clarifies a polite, but adamant Amanda Lucas.
In October, despite Amanda making specific requests against it, Deep, the Japanese promotion she currently fights for, spliced one of the world’s most-recognized movie themes into her entrance music for her fight against Mika Harigai.
“Japanese fans are fanatical about Star Wars. I get it and I appreciate it,” the 30-year-old Amanda said. “I’m very proud of my family and my father’s accomplishments. It’s just about finding that good balance.”
One can draw conclusions from this matchup choice. Japanese audiences appreciate “good vs. evil” storylines in MMA as much as they do in pro wrestling. Amanda, a media darling at this point, said she wouldn’t be surprised if Darth Vader accompanies Motta to the cage. It won’t be a distraction; she respects that pageantry is encouraged in many facets of Japan’s culture, including its sports.

Her father directed a certain film series he’s planning to re-release in 3-D and Amanda is the perfect person to promote it in Japan, where her fighting is slowly but surely becoming the focus.
This is a request that Amanda doesn’t mind fulfilling. Balance might not be that far off after all. [SportsIllustrated]

Huh. It’s interesting you say that she doesn’t mind promoting Star Wars, because it sure sounded like she did. Maybe some kind of Huttese mind trick. “Amanda! Hay lapa no ya, Amanda! Boonowa tweepi, ha, ha, ha. (*swallows stray cat*)”

Or maybe he just gradually wore her down using guilt like parents everywhere. In any case, it’s all fun and games until she loses, and the Japanese splice in a clip of George Lucas with it dubbed to make it look like he shouted “NOOOOOOOO!

[pics via MiddleEasy, thanks for the tip, Jessica]