Frotcast 345: ‘The Accountant,’ With Dave Lozo

“Fack me sideways, Chahlene, these numbahs ah facked.”

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With Allison Mick stuck in traffic, we’ve got Dave Lozo joining Vince and Matt Lieb on the Frotcast this week, to discuss the Tomb Raider remake, JJ Abrams directing Star Wars again, Sean Spicer at the Emmys, Hillary Clinton’s terrible book, THE ACCOUNTANT, and Lawrence O’Donnel’s Bill O’Reilly’style freakout. And of course, we finish things off with a round of the Royalty Freestyle, with Matt improvising songs for Patreon donors Jon G and Dan L. Enjoy, and Frot on! Donate at


6:52 – The Dave Lozo career arc

10:00 – A TOMB RAIDER remake! Sure, why not.

15:33 – JJ Abrams directing STAR WARS EPISODE IX

19:30 – Sean Spicer at the Emmys-gate

38:10 – Matt and Dave have terrible opinions about BABY DRIVER

40:09 – Hillary Clinton loves Goldfish crackers! So relatable.

47:30 – An important update about “Doughp”, San Francisco’s first hip hop themed cookie dough restaurant

1:12:52 – Lawrence O’Donnell freak out

Supplemental Material

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