Actor Who Starred in Girl Who Played with Fire Dead in Fatal Fire, Irony

Per Oscarsson, an 83-year-old Swedish actor who most recently starred in a trio of films based on Stieg Larsson novels, including The Girl Who Played with Fire, is presumed dead after a fire at his home.  Oscarsson starred in more than 100 Swedish films and TV shows and won best actor at Cannes in 1966 for Hunger.  I would’ve told you about him sooner, but that sort of person rarely makes FilmDrunk until he eats his own beard.

The remains of one person were found Sunday in the ashes of the house and are probably those of the 83-year-old actor or his wife, 67-year-old Kia Ostling, said police spokesman Jan Strommegard. Both were reported missing by their relatives who say the couple apparently was home when the fire destroyed the house early Friday.

The building, located in a remote area outside the small town of Skara in southwest Sweden, had burned to the ground. Only the chimney was left when firefighters arrived at the scene. [Yahoo]

Reached for comment, Alanis Morissette said, “You see?  Is this what you want?  All the sh*t I got for writing about rain on your wedding day?  Maybe next time I’ll write a song about a national treasure being burned to death and you f*cks can try singing along to that.”