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11.09.09 22 Comments

You guys remember when DMX did those movies Exit Wounds and Cradle 2 the Grave?  Good, because that’s all the justification I’m giving for reporting this story on a movie site.  It seems rapper DMX was scheduled to fight an actual MMA fight against Eric Martinez, who’s hard to research because he shares his name with about 50,000 dudes, 40 of whom I went to high school with.  This was to happen on the undercard of a match between Butterbean and Tank Abbott.  Let that sink for a second.  Sadly, DMX has pulled out because the promotion wouldn’t meet some of his conditions.  Namely, that the whole thing be faked for his benefit.

It seems as though DMX got cold feet and submitted an addendum to his contract that called for a guaranteed outcome. That outcome would peg him as the winner no matter what transpired during the “fight.” The “X” camp also insisted that their client is not a professional boxer but an entertainer, and that the event should (secretly) be held in good, clean fun.  [MMAMania]

But fear not, for Coolio is filling in.  The event is still scheduled to go forward December 12th and Coolio claims to be taking it seriously.  Sources say that makes one person, one person in the entire world.

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