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03.11.08 11 Comments

Given how often as you hear his name, it’s kind of surprising that Judd Apatow has only directed two movies: 40-Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up

He’s in the process of scripting his follow-up, and so far, Seth Rogen, Apatow’s wife Leslie Mann (one of the best comedic actresses working right now, if you ask me), and Adam Sandler are attached. 

I would’ve been excited to report this just after Knocked Up or Superbad had come out in the hopes that Adam Sandler might finally end his slump of movies less funny than cancer in the family.  But after seeing the previews for You Don’t Mess With the Zohan (written by Apatow, Sandler, and Robert Smigel), I’m now convinced it’s going to suck.  Sandler seems to have contracted some kind of curse in which he contaminates every comedy he touches like a reverse king midas, or a homeless person.


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