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Adrien Brody, who won a special place in my heart for dipping Halle Berry and making out with her after winning his Oscar in 2002 (which clearly should’ve gone to Daniel Day-Lewis as Bill the Butcher), is back to his old ways.  And by his old ways, I mean seizing every opportunity to make out with black chicks.  This time, Beyoncé.

Adrien Brody (Leonard Chess in the movie) admitted during the premiere of Cadillac Records on Monday that making out and rolling around on the ground with Beyoncé, Etta James in the movie, wasn’t part of the script, nor was it historically accurate, but no one complained.

“Let’s just say it wasn’t a deal breaker,” Brody said.  “When I met Etta [the real one], she told me, ‘Leonard and I did not do those things!’  So, yes, it was somewhat embellished.  But what’s wonderful is the truth Beyoncé brings to that moment.  That justified it.” [NYDailyNews]

Brody continued heaping praise upon his co-star, saying, “What can I say, man, those titties don’t lie!  How you gon’ hate a nigga for tryin ta get a piece? A-Brode love him some dark meat.”  Okay, not really.  You’ll never believe this, but I actually just made that last part up.  Still, you have to respect a gawky ass dude like Adrien Brody taking his fame as an opportunity to strong arm every chick that comes near him.  That’s what I’d do.  I’d also probably make fog horn sounds when I grabbed her boobs.  Because I’m all man, ladies.

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