Adult Film Actress Tasha Reign is Selling Horse-Tail Butt Plugs for Bronies

Today I was sitting in my favorite coffee shop, munching a bagel and sipping a coffee, when an email landed in my inbox publicizing adult film actress Tasha Reign, she of “Baby Loves a Big Dick,” “Big Tit Cream Pie 12,” and “Them’s Some Sexy Titties,” among other titles; and her new line of adult toys. “Tasha’s Reignbow Pony Plug” seeks to capitalize on the emerging Brony market, of rabid adult male fans of My Little Pony. In accordance with Rule 34, if it exists, there is porn of it, and now you can jam a glass plug up your butt and prance around with a pretty pink tail (as well as three other vibrant colors). Yes, it’s a rich tapestry, folks.

I plan to clop around the neighborhood with one of these later, while Burnsy follows me with coconuts like Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Uproxx field trip!

From the museum-quality ‘Signature Series’ collection by award winning Crystal Delights™ and the imagination of Adult Superstar Tasha Reign — Tasha’s Reignbow Pony Plug is a whimsical handcrafted anal plug with a luminous twist of dichroic glass inside the center of the glass bulb, creating a dazzling Reignbow sparkle effect. Attached to the base is your choice of four vibrantly colored, flowing Ponytails. The glass plug is made out of the highest quality borosilicate glass, and the smooth plug tip eases insertion for unmatched comfort in anal play with a slender stem leading to a flared base, ensuring the plug is safe and enjoyable; while the colorful pony tail adds visual enticement to any role-playing scenario. Tasha’s Reignbow Pony Plugs are available in four aptly named colors: Violet Virgin (Soft Lavender), Periwinkle Princess (Pastel Blue), Sunny Sovereign (Bright Yellow), and Cupcake Queen (Baby Pink).

Oh God, I read “museum quality” and I am dead now.

This is great. I’ve always wanted to cram a unique work of art up my own asshole. (*breaking into song*) And I think to myself…. what a wonderful woooooooooooorld…

(*drops mic, crams it in butt*)