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According to DeadlineHollywood, Ben Affleck is attached to direct and possibly star in The Trade, a film about the true story of two Yankees pitchers in the 70s who were into wife swapping.  The script was written by Seinfeld/Curb writer Dave Mandel  and made the 2009 blacklist.

Teammates Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich stunned the country when they disclosed in spring training 1973 that they were trading wives. Peterson had fallen in love with Susanne Kekich and his teammate fell in love with Marilyn Peterson. Fritz and Susanne remain a couple till this day, while Mike and Marilyn drifted apart. Affleck and his former Live Planet partners Matt Damon and Sean Bailey have long been intrigued with the project, with Affleck eyeing the role of Peterson and Damon the role of Kekich.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see two die-hard Sawx fans’ take on the story of two Yankees.

DAMON: Hey!  Fritzy!  Whaddaya doin’ bangin my wife, ya hahd on?

AFFLECK: Whoa, whoa, simmah down they-uh, Kich, me an ya wife just figgahed cuz you waz havin such a hahd time pleasin’ huh dat maybe I could give it a shawt.  Actually, if it makes ya feel any bettah, I ain’t been able ta please ah neithah. To tell da truth, I nevah been much of a lovah.  When my wife wants ta get awff, I gawta call in a Sawx fan ta give it to ah.

DAMON: Ya know, Fritz, to tell ya tha truth, seein you bang my wife is actually gettin’ me kinda hawt.  Ya think maybe we could evah bang… togethah?

AFFLECK: Aw, Kich, it makes me feel so good ta heah you say dat.  All dis time I thawt I was tha only Yankee pitchah who was half a queah.

DAMON:  No.  In fact I bet deah’s way mo-uh Yankees playahs who ah queahs.  Maybe even all da Yankees playahs, and all da Yankees fans.  All of us, queahs.  An’ every Yankees game, it’s like one big queah pahty, all fulla queahs.

AFFLECK: (to camera) GO SAWX!

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