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06.23.10 33 Comments

That dude who does long movie reviews did a long review of Baby’s Day Out for some reason.

Anchorman/Talladega Nights director Adam McKay is attached to direct The BoysThe Boys is a graphic novel set in a world in which superheroes exist, and follows the CIA squad who keep the superheroes in line. That Adam McKay is directing can mean only one thing:  Will Ferrell is going to play a graphic novel. |Collider|

Daniel Radcliffe set to star in All Quiet on the Western Front. This will be the second time the WWI novel has been adapted for the screen, and will make a powerful anti-war statement by putting goony, awkward child actors there.  “Man, war gives me douche chills,” people will say.  |Variety|

The guy who directed Major League says he wants Charlie Sheen to come back for a sequel. This is also the same guy who wrote The Program.  I say f*ck Charlie Sheen, bring back Lattimer.  But really, I’d settle for anything that could delay another episode of Two and a Half Men for even one second.  Even my mother’s funeral. |Moviehole|

Amanda Bynes break up with the acting business may have been mutual. In typical fashion, Daily Beast takes two pages to explain that a 24-year-old Hollywood actress MAY have been a pain in the ass.  According to some people.  Meanwhile, Buzzfeed has a nice round up of the choicest quotes from her Twitter feed, including:

Get your minds out of the gutter creepers and quick move to barf bag city I bet you’ll love it there being that you are nasty and disgusting

And, just to clarify things:

someone with a perverted mind is a creeper in my book
creepers have twisted minds they full on disgust me BARF BAG CITY is where they should move to

That’s outside Cleveland, right? |Daily Beast, Buzzfeed|

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