Al Pacino & Christopher Walken wear high pants and get high

This set photo from Stand-Up Guys is all I need to convince me to see this movie, but in case you needed an extra nudge, they just released the trailer, which you can watch below. Directed by Fisher Stevens (this creepy sumbitch) from a script by relative unknown Noah Haidle, the story follows Al Pacino’s character as he gets driven home from prison by his best friend, played by Christopher Walken, the latter of whom has been sent to kill him. But first they’re gonna raise some hell, raise their pants, raise the roof, drive fast cars, and snort drugs off bars, HOO-AH!

I’ve never seen anything from this director or writer (unless you count The Cove, which won a best documentary Oscar, which Stevens co-produced), and the fact that Lionsgate is dumping it into a mid-January release (traditionally the ditch behind the outhouse where studios quietly dump their biggest turds) doesn’t inspire much confidence. But is it just me, or does this look kind of… good? I’ll admit, I have quite a soft spot for regretful old men with their pants pulled up above their belly buttons.

“Wait, he’s quietly gazing into an old picture… LOOK OUT, THE OLD MAN’S ABOUT TO REMINISCE!” (*dives behind bar*)

Seriously though, Fisher Stevens is the creepiest looking man I’ve ever seen. He looks like a thirties gangster took his weaseliest henchmen and had him infiltrate an art school. “M’yeah, bawss, how’s my beret? M’yeah.”