Frotcast 356: Fluoridated Water Is The New Blood Libel


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This week on the Frotcast, we ring in the first Frot of 2018 with Allison Mick, Matt Lieb, Brendan, and me, discussing the Golden Globes, and Alex Jones’s take on the “Oprah for president” meme (spoiler alert: he’s against it). We also talk the “raw water” movement and discover that fluoridated water is the new blood libel. We discuss some of the week’s best sex scandal callouts, starting with James Franco. Would “the feminists” deny us “Dicknose In Paris?” We go deep on Hotep conspiracies, talk Bright, and finish things off with Allison Mick’s Unified Theory of Jay-Z. Enjoy, Frot on, smash that like button fam and give us hella reviews. Donate at, goodnight and eat the beans thoughts and prayers and keep it real.

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