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04.22.09 11 Comments

A libel lawsuit against Sacha Baron Cohen was thrown out this week in a high-profile victory for Indian lawyers.

Seems a woman who once knew the comedian claimed that Cohen [on HBO’s Da Ali G Show] libeled her by name during a spoof interview with historian Gore Vidal by claiming to have had sex with her [see 1:35 of the video]. I’m told this was the first high profile U.S. media litigation in which the legal research and first drafts of the motion papers for the defense were completed entirely off-shore by Indian attorneys at a legal outsourcing company.

Today’s LA Superior Court victory on the Ali G motion threw out the lawsuit. “No reasonable person could consider the statements made by Ali G on the program to be factual. To the contrary, it is obvious that the Ali G character is absurd, and all his statements are gibberish and intended as comedy. […] No reasonable person could think otherwise.” [DeadlineHollywood]

Most of these stupid lawsuits are ridiculous (first of all, dumbass, no one would’ve known he was talking about you unless YOU told people) and have no chance of winning.  They go forward mostly as a way to blackmail someone into paying a settlement to avoid possibly even higher legal fees.  So if we can get brown people to fight these battles for us for less money, why shouldn’t we?  It’s the American way.  Plus, I imagine their closing arguments involve some spirited song and dance.  …What?  Oh sure, now I’m the racist one…

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