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12.16.09 19 Comments

Disney just released the third trailer for Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and though Johnny Depp still looks like Madonna with too much makeup, this one actually delivers a ton of new footage.  It also has more plot.  “Since you’ve been gone,” Johnny Depp says, “the Red Queen has taken over all of Wonderland.  Help us make the world right again.”

Whoa whoa whoa, evil took over the world and only Alice can help?  What the hell is this, Lord of the RingsNarnia?  But then Helena Carter demanded a live pig on which to rest her aching feet and all was right again.  (trailer and gallery after the jump)

Is it just me or did that tea party scene feel like she walked in on a family of tweekers?  Everyone’s all strung out with stringy hair and f-cked up teeth.  It’s all messy with old food sitting out everywhere and people are just walking across the kitchen table.  Yay, Alice is here, I knew she’d come!  Ask her if she brought more Mountain Dew!  Show her the lizards we caught!

[via FirstShowing, /Film]

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