Allan Loeb co-wrote an Adam Sandler movie

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11.05.10 8 Comments

Yesterday must’ve been crappy movie trailer day, because after I posted Yogi Bear and Big Momma’s House 3, Adam Sandler’s latest film, Just Go With It hit.  So how do you make a crappy Adam Sandler comedy better?  Bring on the guy who wrote I’m Like Sooo Undercover and that one about the evil Jason Bateman doll to turn it into a more “commercial” rom-com.  Chick movies!  Adam Sandler movies!  Together!  This could make a billion dollars!

Anyway, the plot is, Sandler uses fake families to get laid, but when he finally meets a girl he likes, he needs his best friend Jennifer Aniston to pretend to be his wife so that they can get a fake divorce.  Jennifer Aniston with a male best friend?  Gosh, I wonder how this will turn out. I enjoy that they put Sting’s “Doo doo doo, da da da, is all I want to say to you,” on the trailer soundtrack.  I think this script took less time to write than those lyrics.

(On the plus side, I made you this Brooklyn Decker gif. She’s bouncy. Click to animate.)

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