Allow Channing Tatum To School You On The ‘Dick Graze’ For ’22 Jump Street’

As expected, 22 Jump Street was a box office smash for our favorite A-list all-star Channing Tatum and his partner in crime, Jonah Hill, raking in $189 million on the domestic end to earning more than $300 million worldwide. All in a day’s work for officers Jenko and Schmidt, obviously, but with the Blu-ray and DVD for 22 Jump Street set for release on November 18th (digital version available early on 10/28), Tatum and Sony Pictures still want to show us a little more love. And it’s the best love imaginable for us diehard fans of the man we lovingly call C-Tates, because Tatum and his co-star and UPROXX favorite Jillian Bell teamed up to bring us the hot new rap video “Dick Graze.”

That’s right, it’s C-Tates rapping, which is something that we’ve needed for so long all by itself, but he’s also rapping about how guys should say hi to each other now by brushing their hands across each other’s crotches. This is truly a wonderful day to be alive, friends.

Because it needs to be immortalized for all eternity in an endless loop, I give you C-Tates exhibiting the proper Dick Graze technique.