Amanda Seyfried & Peter Sarsgaard to star in Linda Lovelace movie

Various versions of a Linda Lovelace biopic have been flouncing around town for years, including one version that was to star Lindsay Lohan (and was thus doomed from the outset) and another one that was set to star James Franco and Kate Hudson. Whatever discussions with Franco and Hudson that were going on have apparently since fallen through — I imagine a producer pulled the plug after he actually saw a picture of Kate Hudson — because now the same project, from Howl directors Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman, is in talks with Amanda Seyfried and Peter Sarsgaard. “Hitler Youth Goes Porno,” they could call it. Hey, that’d be a great idea for a porno.

[from Variety]
W. Merritt Johnson and Andy Bellin wrote the script [for “Lovelace”], which is based on Eric Danville’s book “The Complete Linda Lovelace.”
Peter Sarsgaard, who was last seen as the villain in “Green Lantern,” is in early talks to portray Lovelace’s pornographer husband Chuck Traynor.
Lovelace is the infamous star of the 1972 porn flick “Deep Throat,” which is one of the highest-grossing independent films of all time. She was just a Florida schoolgirl named Linda Boreman when she met Traynor, a would-be filmmaker who transformed her into a world-famous sex star.
After years of being victimized, Lovelace quit the business and divorced Traynor, who she accused of taking advantage of her naivete and coercing her into porn and prostitution.

“Lovelace” is expected to start production in January, the same month that helmer Matthew Wilder’s rival project, “Inferno,” is slated to go before cameras [the one that was supposed to star Lindsay Lohan at on point. -Ed]. Based on Lovelace’s autobiography “Ordeal,” [Laziest. Memoir title. Ever.] film stars Malin Akerman and Matt Dillon as Lovelace and Traynor, as well as Paz de la Huerta in a supporting role. [Ooh, I wonder if she’ll get naked.]

Amanda Seyfried is almost as weird a casting choice as Kate Hudson. Lindsay Lohan at least had the looking-like-a-freckly-slut-who-smokes-a-lot part down. Seyfried could definitely pull off “wide-eyed schoolgirl,” but probably not in that the way that they mean.