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04.15.09 26 Comments

No one I know watches American Idol, so I’m guessing none of you saw this footage from Inglourious Basterds they played during Tarantino’s guest-hosting stint last night.  I’m also told that this clip was cut short during the telecast.  In any case, here we get to see Brad Pitt overact, Mike Myers with weird makeup, Eli Roth looking like Chuck Zito, and perhaps most interestingly of all, Quentin’s kindergarten-teacheresque directing banter:

“Let’s do another take.  You know why?” he asks of no one in particular. “BECAUSE WE LOVE MAKING MOVIES,” they all respond in unison.  They say it all sing-songy, yet mechanical, as if they’ve been forced to say it every day for a month, as if Quentin’s running some kind of cult down there. The way they say it reminds me of how I say “AS I’M REQUIRED BY STATE LAW TO TELL YOU,” when I talk to my new neighbors.

[via Rejects]

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