American Reunion has a new new trailer

Propelled to fame by the massive success of American Pie when they were just youngins, the cast of the original has spent the past 10 years or so going their own way, with levels of success ranging from starring in an Oscar-winning film (Chris Klein, Election; Mena Suvari, American Beauty) to getting evicted from Michael Rapaport’s apartment and threatening to f*ck a dog (Natasha Lyonne). Successes aside, in all that time, it’s become clear that the individuals were never as good as they could be when they were together, so now they’re back under the same roof — it’s basically the plot of The Royal Tenebaums, only instead of a house, it’s a movie about jack-off jokes. American Reunion opens April 6th, and you can watch the trailer below. I’m glad I did, because otherwise I may have never known what it felt like to feel nostalgic against your will. God damn you, Semi Sonic.

It’s kind of weird that they’re releasing a movie about the class of 1999’s 10-year-reunion in the year 2012. I guess this is a 2009 period piece? Ahh, good old 2009. Lady Gaga was atop the pop charts, harem pants were all the rage, and everyone was talking about a movie about a family of crazy blue cat-monkeys. Yes, ’twas a simpler time. I wish I could go back to there.

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