Amy Poehler Gives Awesome Makeup Advice

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07.13.12 7 Comments

When I read that Amy Poehler was doing a new web series called “Smart Girls Ask Amy”, I was naturally excited because my first thought was Paul Rudd’s “Ask a Grown Man” for Rookie Magazine. This is probably because Poehler and Rudd are two of my favorite people in the entire universe, ever since they starred together in Wet Hot American Summer, which is the movie that I’d choose if my house was on fire and the gargoyle that protects my pool granted me the ability to save only my dog and one DVD.

But it turns out that Poehler’s new video is less about charm and more about honesty, as she’s actually being sincere and serious with her advice to a 14-year old girl whose father won’t let her wear makeup. And her honesty is more charming than ever. In summary, Amy Poehler is probably the coolest woman alive, even cooler than Kate Upton, and if you’re familiar with my thoughts on Upton, then that’s pretty much the greatest endorsement in the history of mankind.

(Via The Daily What.)

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