07.17.08 10 years ago 46 Comments

Amy Poehler, whom I’ve always been strangely attracted to in a semi-nonsexual way, is currently in negotiations to star in a spinoff of The Office.  Currently, all that is known is that it will debut Super Bowl Sunday in February 2009 and will co-star Aziz Ansari from Human Giant

If you like The Office, you’ll love this new show with none of the same actors and a different premise!

Now, perhaps I’m missing something, but last I checked, a spinoff was where they took a popular character from one show and made a separate show out of it.  I.e., Frasier from CheersFrasier, Joey from FriendsJoey, etc. Since Amy Poehler isn’t a character on The Office, it’s hard to say what her show would be about.  She’s currently pregnant, so maybe she’ll play a chick with a fat gut, or a huge vagina.  Though I got my fingers crossed for C-section.

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