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11.13.08 25 Comments

People send me links to Arrested Development Movie? stories all the time and I usually don’t post them, because most of the time, it’s just MTV doing 5 posts a day with that headline accompanying a “story” about how they yelled “Hey, Bill, would you do an Arrested Development movie?” at someone from the cast, who responded by shrugging.

Regardless, Arrested Development actually is as good as everyone says it is, and a movie would be pretty sweet.  And now, if Jeffrey Tambor is to be believed, it’s actually going to happen. Asked if he’s sick of people asking about it,

“Well no, because we’re doing it.  We are going. It’s a go. I actually just this week talked to Mitch Hurwitz, so we’re doing it.”

“When the writer calls you, and the director, and the executive producer calls you, it’s a pretty good sign.

Sounds good to me.  On a related note, anyone else find the little freckly girl strangely attractive?  Anyone?  Anyway, if you’ll excuse me, I’m legally required to introduce myself to the new neighbors now.

[Thanks to WWBD for the tip]

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