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07.15.09 24 Comments

(Google caption: “WET SCHOOLGIRL”)

After sparking a bidding war at Sundance, An Education opens in October.  You can watch the just-released trailer after the jump.  Written by Nick Hornby (High Fidelity, About a Boy, Fever Pitch), adapted from Lynn Barber’s coming-of-age memoir originally published in Granta, it may challenge Away We Go for the title of the year’s most college-y movie.  It stars Peters Sarsgaaaard as the swingin fella who swoops in and makes the Oxford-bound schoolgirl played by Carey Mulligan rethink her career path.  Because he wants to take her to Paris, you see (*dismissive double wank*).

I’m not sure it’s a good idea to let a dude adapt a woman’s coming-of-age memoir.  “Yeah, so this really hot 18-year-old girl is kind of bored, but all that changes when she meets this 30-something guy.  He’s super cool and handsome and charming and drives a really cool car and she falls in love with him. And even her parents are totally cool with it…”

Also: Did they try to sneak a penis fence in there?

[Yahoo via /Film (they have a longer synopsis, if you’re interested]

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