An Exclusive 4TH OF JULY EDITION 'White House Down' Storyboard

Now that Magic Mike has been released and the chaos of the promotional tours and marketing has died down, we can once again re-focus on what many people are referring to “The Eventual Greatest Blockbuster Motion Picture of All-Time”. I’m talking, of course, about White House Down, the fast-tracked Roland Emmerich film about a secret service agent – played by Channing Tatum – who must rescue the President of the United States (Jamie Foxx) when terrorists capture the White House.

In case you’re new to this site, I’ve been able to get my hands on exclusive White House Down storyboards throughout the film’s development, and today I’ve actually received an incredibly relevant scene. From what my sources have told me, Agent Cole “Snoop” Baretta is not only a world class elite killing machine/sensual love maker, but he’s also a humanitarian. And in this scene, Snoop and his trusty sidekick Pit Bull, have volunteered at a local school and they are teaching the kids the true meaning of America’s Independence Day.

Grab some tissues, because this is truly a beautiful moment of cinema.


Featuring C-Tates as Agent Cole “Snoop” Baretta, Pit Bull as the voice of Pit Bull the American Bulldog, Jeremy Irons as George Washington, and Ben Affleck as Paul Revere.

(Click here for the larger version.)