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UPDATE: Now with video

10 years ago, Jake Lloyd played Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars Episode I.  He’s now 20 years old.  An Australian Sci Fi blog recently caught up with him during a trip down under, and the resulting interview is a study in maintaining a cheerful exterior while reliving deeply scarring childhood events.

“It’s been part of my life for the last 10 years, so… [holding knees and rocking back and forth] High school, they wouldn’t let it go.  You know how they can be in high school. [dripping with sarcasm] They’re so charming and intelligent.  Ah.  Awesome people.  So, uh… Yeah, that was wonderful.  College was… has been similar.  Again, you’ll never find more intelligent, charming people than the drunk students of a college world.”

“I certainly shouldn’t complain about it… it’s a funny aspect, it seems to be a universal aspect of culture, is that once you hit that age, [shaking fist] ‘whatever stands out the most must be said the most!'”

[When asked: “If there was one person you could use the Force Anakin/Darth Vader-style on, who would it be?”]

“I wouldn’t, because I know that as*hole’s life is worse than I could make it.”

Yikes.  I’m impressed with him for staying so calm when you can feel the rage bubbling just beneath the surface.  Let it out, kid, you’ll feel better.  Just tell ol’ George what’s on your mind.  “‘Look out, R2’?  Really!?  You had 20 years and that’s the best f-ing dialog you could write for me, you fat a-hole?”  Anyway, chin up, kid.  You’re not the first person to say George Lucas ruined his childhood.

[Via, relive the Podrace scene after the jump – thanks to HitFix for finding the interview]

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