Andrew Dice Clay Is ‘The F*ckinator’ In This Apparent Excerpt From His Memoir

When this apparent excerpt from Andrew Dice Clay’s memoir showed up on Instagram, having just finished Brian and The Boz, I immediately assumed it must’ve come out in the eighties, around the time of Bosworth’s autobiography, when human cartoon characters wearing sunglasses telling caaraaazy sex stories were all the rage. Amazingly, Dice didn’t write one of those in the 80s. But the Diceman’s– er, The F*ckinator’s, new memoir, The Filthy Truth, where I assume this is from, does hit shelves November 11th. It even has a quote from Maxim on the dust jacket. Wait, what year is it? Have I become unstuck in time?

From Andrew Dice Clay, the “Undisputed Heavyweight Comedy King,” comes the unapologetic and uncensored autobiography fans have been waiting for. […]

“I remember where I was when Dice appeared on the Rodney Dangerfield special in 1988 (my parents living room). I immediately knew we were entering a new age of comedy. Like Lenny Bruce and Richard Pryor before him, Dice was so stunningly shocking you couldn’t look away. I swore that one day I would work with this guy. It took 20 years, but when he came onto the Entourage set it was like I was a kid again watching as a fan. He’s a such a force and a presence that I think the revival that he is experiencing right now will be even more spectacular than his first time around.” (Doug Ellin, creator of the HBO television series Entourage)

“Andrew is one of the great comedians of our time. His best material is funny for a thousand reasons. I can’t remember laughing harder at anyone more than him.” (Rick Rubin) [Amazon]

The incredible dustjacket quote lineup also includes Ice T, Whoopi Goldberg, Eminem, Arsenio Hall, Nikki Sixx, and Alec Baldwin. I’m an unapologetic fan of 80s bad boy trash memoirs and firmly believe The Dirt is one of the all-time bad-good trainwreck page turners. I just imagine The Boz “target vomiting” on opponents while the Crüe stuck their dicks in breakfast burritos and Andrew Dice Clay walked around calling himself “The F*ckinator.” Is any of it true, or just the 1980s version of the Cleveland Steamer and Dirty Sanchez? I don’t know, but I’m going to read the hell out of this ridiculous book.

“They were amazed at how much ass I got,” – Andrew Dice Clay’s tombstone, probably.