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09.10.08 26 Comments

Thanks to some Pulitzer-worthy reporting by IGN and their “trusted source”, the blogosphere has learned that Angelina Jolie may have to drop out of Edwin A. Salt.

You may remember that Edwin A. Salt was the spy thriller to which Tom Cruise was originally attached.  They had recently replaced him with Jolie and were planning to re-write the title and parts of the script to accommodate the gender change (all the standing-up-to-pee scenes had to go… ha, just kidding, it was written for Tom Cruise! Kazam!).

We’ve been informed that Jolie may have to drop out due to the needs of her newborn twins and thus might not be able to meet the picture’s start date. While it’s not official yet, Jolie’s departure from Salt certainly appears likely.

If Jolie does indeed drop out of the project then the studio is expected to go back out to male stars for the title role.

Please, no man could possibly replace Angelina Jolie.  Except maybe Clive Owen.  I’d totally bone that guy.

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