Angelina Jolie Wants To Retire From Acting To Focus On Directing

You could fill 10 books with quotes from actors and directors who prematurely announced their retirement only to go back on their word, but for what it’s worth, Angelina Jolie, who has her second film as a director, Unbroken, coming out Christmas Day, told a magazine recently that she plans to quit acting to focus on directing. It’s just like her to try to adopt a new profession.

From Du Jour Magazine:

“I’ve never been comfortable as an actor; I’ve never loved being in front of the camera,” said Jolie. “I didn’t ever think I could direct, but I hope I’m able to have a career at it because I’m much happier.” The magazine reports that when asked if she plans to give up acting entirely, Jolie smiled and said, “Absolutely.”

And, as if to prove my first paragraph, while I was writing this, Jolie told Entertainment Weekly that she’s not retiring right this second, she just plans to eventually.

“I see myself moving into directing more and doing much less as an actor,” Jolie tells EW. “I have a few more [roles] in me, ones I have been developing for some time, so I will do those before I step away.”

Ahh, okay, so Angelina Jolie plans to quit acting and focus on directing, eventually. Another way to put this is “Angelina Jolie is an actor.” Still, it’s not that far-fetched for Angelina Jolie. She’s already managed to direct an acclaimed feature, become a semi-respectable humanitarian, adopt needy children, raise a family, and marry Brad Pitt. She’s sort like every full-of-shit actor’s cocktail party fantasy come true.