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07.15.09 32 Comments

As if it wasn’t bad enough that everybody reported that made-up quote about Anne Hathaway loving anal sex last year, the latest publicity still from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland depicts her (as the White Queen) gazing longlingly at a gerbil.  Or maybe it’s a dormouse.  What am I, a zoologist?  All I know is that when someone eyes something small and furry like that, it’s probably because they want to put it in their butt.  Oh, and, uh, I made these for fun.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to get back to Algebra.

[more pictures of Alice in Wonderland people holding animals over at Empire]

UPDATE: Announcing: the first Annual Anne Hathaway Anal Sex Photoshop Contest – Send your (rear) entries to LANCE@FILMDRUNK.COM

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