05.15.08 10 years ago 67 Comments

From the producer of American Pie and the director of American Pie 2 comes American Summer a movie about hookers and Tom Arnold.  It stars Matthew Lillard (who’s doing great, thanks for asking) and is currently seeking a distributor at Cannes.  Industry analysts describe as a cooler, drier version of Wet Hot American Summer.

I’d give you plot rundown, but that’d be like explaining a painting of dogs playing poker.  Really, I just want to know why everyone hates Tom Arnold so much.  I guess it’s kind of like the Gilbert Gottfried thing, where he’s annoying, but I find his annoyingness somehow endearing.  He was the best part of True Lies.  Plus, this one time he helped me get my pet kitty Emilio Estevez down from a tree.  I don’t why the little guy climbs up there all the time, Daddy just wants to cuddle. 

(Watch the NWS, tit-filled version of the trailer after the jump) 

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