*ANOTHER* fake Morgan Freeman ad spotted in Wisconsin

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11.02.10 18 Comments

Well well well, it turns out North Carolina republican congressional candidate

Curiously, what with such a big name, Walker’s team has not put the ad online, seemingly content to have it run during Green Bay Packer games and the nightly local news. We’re not political strategists, but it would seem that a relatively-unknown Milwaukee county executive candidate like Walker would want to play up this endorsement as much as possible.  Walker’s campaign failed to return numerous calls for comment. Maybe they’ll return the ones from Morgan Freeman’s agent. [TheAwl]

To be fair, using a guy who sounds like Morgan Freeman without claiming that it actually is Morgan Freeman is a lot less shady than the other guy.  Still, I don’t quite understand the strategy.  In Wisconsin, the sound of a black person’s voice is as unfamiliar as a gym membership.  Anyway, I’ve attached a clip of Morgan Freeman reading from “The Poop That Took a Pee” after the jump for comparison.

[thanks to this guy for the tip]

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