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IMAX co-CEO Richard Gelfond has issued a response to Aziz Ansari’s campaign against bullsh*t IMAX, once again using flawed logic to avoid admitting that wanting two different products to be differentiated in name is a pretty reasonable request.  (Some background here: his original defense compared the IMAX brand to BMW –  specifically their 7 series vs. their 3 series – saying “People don’t say ‘The 3 isn’t a real BMW because it’s smaller.’”  Yeah, they also don’t cost the same, and people don’t pay for a 7-series only to get a 3, dumbass. You look like a Mormon, your argument is invalid.):

“IMAX did 15% of Star Trek’s total domestic box office in the whole country on only 138 screens… This is compared to the earlier releases of Watchmen, where we did 12% of the box office and Monsters and Aliens, where we did around 10%. Clearly a lot of people are going back to IMAX theaters… The overwhelming majority of comments on [Aziz Ansari]’s blog this morning, more than 90% of them, are vehemently disagreeing with him. And consumers are confirming this with their continued purchases of tickets.” [TheStreet via Vulture]

So… if a product is making money, that’s proof you don’t have to tell people what it is before they buy it?  That’d be like if I paid your mom for sex and half the time got a handjob. And then you used a statistic about increased handjobs to prove that sex is the same thing as handjob. Guess what, my friend, it’s not. It’s not even good foreplay.  Naturally, Aziz has already issued a response to Gelfond’s response:

WHAT A SURPRISE ANOTHER IMAX LIE. Who did those numbers? The same guy who measures your bullsh*t tiny IMAX screens???

Read the comments and you’ll find [Gelfond’s claim that 90% of the comments backed IMAX] is not the case and it’s definitely not the case on Twitter responses either. Many, many, many people have agreed with me in that they paid $5 extra expecting the full 72 ft IMAX screens and instead saw this new BULLSH*T IMAX regular screen which your company says is the same because its an “experience.” Well I “experienced” a huge 72 ft screen that was awesome when I saw a film at Bridge Cinema and then when I went to AMC Burbank, I “experienced” a piece of sh*t ripoff.
Now, here’s what I want do. I’m publicly challenging IMAX CEO Richard Gelfond to go on television and debate this issue with me. If you really think I’m in the wrong, LET’S DEBATE. [Azizisbored]

I think if Gelfond agrees to this debate, Aziz should just interrupt everything he says.

“You see, Aziz, IMAX did 15% of Star Trek’s total domest-”

*it’s better if you say it in a retard voice.  imagine this guy saying it.

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