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02.27.09 41 Comments

Believe it or not, WB is still planning to make a Green Lantern movie, to be directed by Martin Campbell (Casino Royale) and released on the eerily specific date of December 17, 2010.  No lead has been announced, but LatinoReview‘s infamous source “Anonymous” says they’ve previously looked at Ryan Gosling, Sam Worthington, and Emile Hirsch, but had problems with scheduling or disinterest. But now, reportedly, the producers “are looking at” Anton Yelchin, who plays Chekhov in the new Star Trek movie and the young Kyle Reese in McTerminator.

Kid’s a decent actor, but he’s as pasty and feminine as a toy poodle, so casting him as a superhero doesn’t seem like the best choice.  On the other hand, this is the Green Lantern we’re talking here, a guy who gets his superpowers from a goddamned ring.  “He was given the ring when Abin-Sur came to Earth to find someone who is ‘utterly honest and born without fear’ to take his place.”  In other words, “I’ll give you this sweet ring and this spandex outfit, but you have to promise me you’re not scared.  *moving hand up thigh*  How ’bout now?  It’s very important that you be utterly without fear…”

Also, if you’re looking for a pre-pubescent pretty boy to wear a ring, I hear the Jonas Brothers are available…

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