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07.27.09 13 Comments

I’ve only just starting warming up to Raaaaaaandy, Aziz Ansari’s ‘bad comedian’ character, but if you believe Judd Apatow, they’re already talking giving Raaaaaaandy his own movie. And if anyone has the clout to actually make that happen, it’s Judd Apatow. Said the man in an interview with JoBlo:

“Randy isn’t in [Funny People] anywhere near as much we wish he was. Something hilariously magical happened when Aziz showed up. So we all said, ‘What else can we do?’ Let’s just make a documentary! We just couldn’t stop writing for him. And now we’re talking about making the RANDY movie. We can’t get enough of Randy…”
Though he was laughing, he definitely wasn’t joking about a RANDY movie later adding, “we’re outlining it right now.”

I didn’t like this character at all at first but he’s grown on me a lot since then, so maybe by the time this comes out it’ll actually sound like a good idea (it already sounds better than MacGruber).  But if it’s “hilariously magical” you’re after, you should’ve seen time my friend pantsed Criss Angel and then I socked him in the belly. Tada!  His mascara runs when he cries.

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